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who qualifies for this program?
  • riding coaches
  • motocross fitness trainers
  • parents of riders
  • team managers


designed as a stand alone specialization in mental performance coaching and as a powerful supplement to your current training program. 


Here’s the story…..

I grew up racing amateur motocross in the Southeast United States. For years, I traveled with my dad to the races. He was my mechanic, primary sponsor, transportation specialist and biggest fan. It was some of the best days of my life and the lessons learned on the track helped me throughout life.

Once I stopped racing I focused on college. I went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Masters degree in psychology at The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Fresno, CA and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at CSPP.

I have worked in the mental health field in a variety of positions since 1992. I also have 10 years of teaching experience at a local university in South Carolina. After many years of working in the field of psychology, I found myself burned out and unfulfilled. However, in 2014 I began working as a Motocross Mental Performance Coach and partnered with ClubMx  training facility in Chesterfield, SC.

It was like a breath of fresh air. I was passionate again in the work I was doing. Reconnecting with the sport of motocross after so many years was amazing. Since then, I have worked with top factory riders in the 250 and 450 classes as well as amateurs. It truly is a dream come true.

Most of my work occurs over the phone and via facetime. As long as I have a cell phone signal, I can help my clients. And, the best part is that anyone can do the same. You do not need a doctorate, masters or even an undergraduate college degree. As long as you have the right tools and ability, you too can do it.

I created this course for one reason: To give current riding coaches, motocross finess trainers, team managers and parents another powerful tool in helping their riders succeed.

Investing in your education is the best way to help yourself and those around you. I provide you with the tools and blueprint to make this happen. I walk you through each step of the way. Are you in?

MOTOCROSS Mental Performance Coach certificate course:

Information covered in this online course is outlined below.
Includes 17 lessons, self paced reading (unlimited access), quizzes, template forms, Four hours of practicum, final exam and *certificate of completion :

Lesson 1. Defining Mental Performance Coaching
Lesson 2. Intro to Models/Theories of Mental Performance Coaching
Lesson 3. Intro to Psychology and Physiology
Lesson 4. Personality
Lesson 5. Motivation
Lesson 6. Arousal, Stress and Anxiety
Lesson 7. Feedback and Reinforcement
Lesson 8. Communication
Lesson 9. Mental Performance Skills
Lesson 10. Rider Injuries
Lesson 11. Burnout
Lesson 12. Confidentiality/Trust/Transparency
Lesson 13. Setting Up Your Coaching Practice
Lesson 14. Setting Your Fee and Scheduling
Lesson 15. Documentation and Forms
Lesson 16. Marketing
Lesson 17. Building Your Confidence
*Final Exam

Most of the lessons have short quizzes, which will help prepare you for the final exam at the end. *A score of 80% or above on the final exam is considered passing and is required for you to receive your certificate of completion. You will have three chances to pass.


Invest in your education today!

Motocross Mental Performance Coach Certificate Course


  • Unlimited lifetime access to all 17 lessons. Everything you need to know to improve the mental game of your riders.
  • Four hours of practicum.
  • Helpful quizzes.
  • Multiple coaching template forms to use with your riders.
  • Final Exam: 50 T/F Questions. (hand graded). You will have 3 chances to pass with a score of 80% or better to earn your final certificate of completion.
  • Personalized certificate of completion for all students with a passing score on the final exam.
  • Business blueprint and marketing strategies.
  • My monthly newsletter, Coach Digest, which is packed with helpful information for keeping you up to date on all the hottest new trends in the field of mental performance coaching.
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