What is a life coach?

People have different ideas of what a life coach is. Sometimes it is very confusing for the general public. In this episode I layout specifically what life coaches do and what they do not do. I provide clear examples of how a life coach works with their clients and cover three main areas. This includes assisting their clients with finding a clear vision of what they want either personally or professionally. Next, life coaches help their clients develop a path for getting there. Once they have clarity in these two areas, the real work begins. This is where the client takes action and is held accountable. Accountability is extremely important in ensuring that clients do not become side lined or overwhelmed with indecisiveness.

Too often we become consumers of self-development material because we want to learn the skills necessary for change. However, what typically happens is that we get analysis paralysis. Life coaches will help move you off the fence and into action. One of the biggest reasons we do not take action is because of fear. Fear of failure or fear of looking foolish is usually a big part. A life coach will support you along the way and help you to manage fear, which is usually just made up in our minds. Tony Robbins stated that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. This is so true, and we must move fear out of the way to accomplish our personal and professional goals. With the help of a life coach you can create and achieve the life of your dreams.

At the end of the episode I go into detail about our life coach certification at Coach Wherever. I discuss how we are different and what to expect in our training program. We take pride in not only learning the necessary skills for helping clients, but in developing successful coaching practices with paying clients. We also offer our graduates an opportunity to apply for administrative positions and life coach positions here at Coach Wherever. We provide life time support to all of our graduates. Want to join our family? Visit Coachwherever.com to learn more.