Decluttering Your Mind

Too often we are distracted and stressed. We walk around like this and wonder why we never get anything done. However, there is a simple solution. First, start by taking care of your physical environment. Go into that bonus room or garage or bedroom and start organizing. Throw out anything that you have not used in a few months and simplify. We all have stuff that we don’t use and we all at times have had messy homes or cars. Take a few minutes a day and organize your physical environment. The result will not only look great, but it helps to relax your mind. When we walk around in clutter we tend to feel stressed even if we are not consciously thinking about it.

Another way to declutter your mind is to limit what you watch on social media and television. If you are watching shows like Jerry Springer, you are filling your mind with trash and clutter. These types of programs result in internal stress and conflict. This is not something that you want. Also, limit what you are reading on Facebook or other online news sites. If it is negative news and conflict, you will end up feeling stressed.

To relax your mind, clean up around you. This includes your house, car or garage. Also, limit what you watch on television and on social media. Garbage going into your mind usually means that you are keeping your thoughts in chaos. Doing these two things can help to declutter your mind so that you can think more clearly and feel more relaxed.