Heart, Stress and Breath

I share my personal story of how the death of my father impacted me and the work that I do. The CDC indicates that heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women regardless of race or ethnicity. Also, one person dies every 37 seconds in the U.S. This accounts for approximately 647,000 deaths a year. One of the driving forces behind heart disease is stress. Stress increase our blood pressure and leads to an overall uneasy feeling. This in turn leads many people to overeat, use alcohol and smoke. Is there something we can do to combat stress and heart diseases? Yes! Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard Medical School Cardiologist created the relaxation response method. This incorporates yoga, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation. The common factor among all of these is breath control. As our amygdala sounds the alarm in our bodies when under stress, the hypothalamus triggers the SNS for flight or flight. This does not have to be in response to coming face to face with a bear. It could simply be opening your mail and seeing a high medical bill. Breathing exercises can put you at ease and help you to not only deal with stress, but improve your health. Join me in a free breath group where you learn how to using breathing exercises to become healthier and happier. Go to Coachwherever.com and sign up on the homepage.