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mental performance coaching

are you ready to unlock your potential?

who is mental performance coaching for?

Amateur and professional racers in motocross/supercross, road racing and off road racing.


Is this you?

*An athlete that has struggled at times in high pressure race situations.

*Has the desire to reach a new level of success and is tired of losing.

*Feels giving up is never an option.

*Is ready to unlock your true abilities and not be held back by mental mistakes.


if yes, mental performance coaching is for you!


how does it work?

Email Dr. Tim Laskis at indicating your desire for mental performance coaching and a free 10 minute phone session.

Dr. Laskis will schedule with you a day and time for your initial free session. We have morning, afternoon and evening times available.

If you decide mental performance coaching is for you, each 30 minute session thereafter is $100. Have ready your pen and paper because Dr. Laskis packs a lot of helpful strategies in each session and you will want to take notes.


“I guarantee that if you do nothing to make real changes in your mindset, you will get the same outcome year after year. Don’t look back with regret, take action today.” – Dr. Tim Laskis

“The one thing champions have in common is that they are all mental giants.” – Skip Norfolk, Championship winning mechanic for Jeremy McGrath