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Ep #14: Finding Your Costa Rica

What energizes you? What is it that you would love to do personally or professionally? We only have one life to live. Will you look back on your life with regret? Or, will you live everyday as if it was your last? No matter what happened in your past, you can make changes today. You have the power to live life on your own terms. You are not a victim of circumstances … Read More


Ep #13: Decluttering Your Mind

Too often we are distracted and stressed. We walk around like this and wonder why we never get anything done. However, there is a simple solution. First, start by taking care of your physical environment. Go into that bonus room or garage or bedroom and start organizing. Throw out anything that you have not used in a few months and simplify. We all have stuff that … Read More


Ep #12: What is a life coach?

People have different ideas of what a life coach is. Sometimes it is very confusing for the general public. In this episode I layout specifically what life coaches do and what they do not do. I provide clear examples of how a life coach works with their clients and cover three main areas. This includes assisting their clients with finding a clear vision of what they want either … Read More


Ep #11: Power of Personality

Understanding your personality type can benefit you greatly. The study of personality began in Ancient Greece. Hippocrates looked at personality as being either hot/cold or moist/dry. Aristotle followed suit with his own version of personality types. This was followed by Franz Gall in the 18th century. He developed the fun pseudoscience of phrenology… Read More


Ep #10: What’s Your Story?

In this episode I share a few of my personal stories and how they impacted me personally and professionally. In the beginning as a young psychologist I rarely shared any personal information while working with clients. It seemed to work well and I had no intention of changing. However, once I began teaching at the college level I learned … Read More


Ep #09: Being Present

Learn how being present can improve your day and your relationships. I am guilty of just going through the motions while with my family, especially on vacation. I am thinking about my goals for the year, everything I forgot to do and everything I need to do when I get home. The result is that my mind is completely wiped out after being on vacation. I share …. Read More


Ep #08: Relax by Changing Your Physiology

Too often we depend on changing our physical location to relax. Just think about how excited you were to go on your last vacation. But, it came and went very quickly. It’s nearly impossible to always run away to a tropical location every time we are stressed out. The solution: You can relax simply by changing your physiology. What I specifically mean … Read More


Ep #07: Turning Goals into Gold

We have all set a variety of goals for ourselves over our lifetime. Some we achieved and some we just left on the roadside. In today’s episode I lay out a clear roadmap for increasing the odds that you will achieve whatever you set your sights on. I go into detail about setting short and long term goals, understanding your WHY and tips to ensure that you stay on your desired path. Read More



Ep #06: A Lesson from Mom

In today’s episode I bring you back to childhood when mom knew best. At least, that’s what she told us. We didn’t necessarily believe it, but now as adults it makes total sense. I uncover the value in mom’s concern with who we hung out with as children and how it applies to us as adults. Who are your friends….Read More




Ep #05: Relationships 102

Today I explore why relationships are so darn hard to deal with. This is something that we all struggle with at some point. We all wear different hats in life. For example, we may be a wife, friend, mom, cousin, daughter, employee etc. Within each of these roles we have to deal with others. I walk you through….Read More



Ep #04: Succeed by Getting Over Yourself

In this episode I break down how we get into our own way when it comes to achieving goals. We are creatures of habit and we do not like discomfort. Our brains lead us down the road of comfort regardless of the problems it causes. So, when you…..Read More


Ep #03: Increasing Self-Confidence

Confidence seems to come and go with pretty much everyone. Regardless if you are a busy mom, small business owner or a professional athlete, you may have struggled with low levels of confidence at some point. I explore where….Read More

Ep #02: The Blueprint

Today I will cover The Blueprint which is the foundation of Coach Wherever and the key to self-improvement. This is what I teach our life coaching students and to members of our Success Sessions group coaching program. Once you…..Read More

Ep #01: Why Happiness Escapes You

On this episode I jump into why high functioning adults, who have pretty much everything they want, still feel unhappy. I’m not talking about clinical depression, I’m talking about just the absence of feeling happy on a consistent basis. Many people….Read More