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Ep #04: Succeed by Getting Over Yourself

In this episode I break down how we get into our own way when it comes to achieving goals. We are creatures of habit and we do not like discomfort. Our brains lead us down the road of comfort regardless of the problems it causes. So, when you try to have a new outcome, you must have new behavior. Immediately our brain tells us to stop and go back to the old way of doing things. We become filled with negativity and self-doubt, as a result we go back to the behavior we are familiar with and that comforts us. I give you specific information for not only understanding this process, but how to get over yourself in achieving your goals.
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Ep #03: Increasing Self-Confidence

Confidence seems to come and go with pretty much everyone. Regardless if you are a busy mom, small business owner or a professional athlete, you may have struggled with low levels of confidence at some point. I explore where confidence comes from and why we sometimes really struggle. I also share my personal story of struggling in academics with a very low level of confidence. You will learn how to take your confidence to a higher level and keep it there.
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Ep #02: The Blueprint

Today I will cover The Blueprint which is the foundation of Coach Wherever. This is what I teach our life coaching students and to members of our Success Sessions group coaching program. Once you have a grasp of this information you can achieve amazing things in your life. It’s not hokey pokey, it’s a tried and true and well researched theory for improving lives. You may want to take notes so that you can go back and review.
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Ep #01: Why Happiness Escapes You

On this episode I jump into why high functioning adults, who have pretty much everything they want, still feel unhappy. I’m not talking about clinical depression, I’m talking about just the absence of feeling happy on a consistent basis. Many people are looking in all of the wrong areas to feel happy. I go into exactly the mistakes most people are making and what you need to do to find happiness.
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